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What is LLN
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Maha Deeb, (BA, LLB, EDP, Wits) is the founder and CEO of LLN. She has run a niche executive  search consultancy, MD Selection, since 1996.

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Probably because of her own legal background, many commercial and corporate attorneys sought Deeb out to help them find more flexible career options.  Their circumstances revealed a common thread of a desire to live a more balanced life, whilst still having the opportunity to reap the financial benefits of their qualifications and expertise.

Comments Deeb: “Many were mothers of young children who needed more flexibility without losing their marketability. They needed a reprieve from punishing hours, unrealistic deadlines and pressures of meeting budgets. This was resulting in a steady exodus of calibre commercial attorneys from the top tier firms.

 “Why lose so much talent? I saw in this an untapped opportunity to make available the services of excellent and experienced professionals on a flexible outsourced basis. My research showed that this type of outsourcing had been well received in countries like Australia where lawyer networks were successfully established providing services on an ad hoc, assignment basis.

“I felt that in the era of virtuality which was beginning to unfold, there was no reason why commitment to career and life balance and flexibility shouldn’t co-exist!”

So in 2001 LLN was launched.

“As is evidenced by our long list of blue chip clients (link here to Clients Block), The LLN pioneering initiative, has been well received in that it provides an instant solution to many bottleneck circumstances.

“Some LLN locums are generalists, others are specialists but one thing they all have in common is their uncompromising professionalism, competence and confidentiality – all non-negotiable criteria.

“Many of our locums have been sought again and again by the same clients for repeat assignments- testimony to their effectiveness.  It’s a win-win solution. From the client’s point of view, they have the ideal flexibility of expert hands on deck without the onerous responsibility and budgetary constraints of employing them full time. It’s an instant, risk-free solution.

“And for the consultant, LLN offers  a via media approach: A flexible, less rigorous career option, where they can continue to utilise their knowledge and expertise and reap the financial benefits, but subject to their own availability.

“Through this website clients  have the opportunity, in their own time, and when most convenient to them,  to select the profile of the locum they deem most suitable and the length of time they think they will need for the required task, and we will do the rest.  We’ve made it easy to access the know-how required from our network of experienced, high calibre practitioners. “ Deeb said.

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