who are we?

LLN was founded by Maha Deeb in 2001. This is her story.

how it began
Because of my own legal background, increasingly commercial and corporate lawyers were asking me to help them find more flexible career options.

The common thread was a longing to live a more balanced life, whilst still having the opportunity of practising the profession they loved.

Many were mothers of young children who needed to continue to follow their passion but with more flexibility. They needed a reprieve from punishing hours, unrealistic deadlines and the pressures of meeting budgets.

This was resulting in a steady exodus of calibre attorneys from the top tier firms. A huge loss to the profession.

why lose so much talent?
I saw in this an as yet untapped opportunity to make available the services of excellent and experienced professionals on a flexible, outsourced basis to banks, corporates and the profession.

remote and flexible work was the answer
I felt that in the era of excellent connectivity and virtuality, which was just beginning to unfold when LLN was launched in 2001, there was no reason why commitment to career and life/ work balance couldn’t co-exist!

And now with remote work being widely accepted and proven to be effective, our remote- work model transcends geography and brick and mortar. We are well positioned to offer our services to the rest of the African continent, the UAE and the UK- after all so much of the expertise that our locums have is internationally exportable and relevant.

a win-win success story
Our long list of blue chip clients proves that our pioneering initiative is a success. The advantage to our clients is the excellent expertise they can tap into with the added bonus of the attractive tailor-made fee solutions we offer. Many of our locums are sought again and again by the same clients for repeat assignments – testimony to their effectiveness.

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Our network consists of generalists and specialists in many aspects of commercial and corporate law and in a variety of specialised sectors.